About Us


What we offer at Kiju's Restaurant can be summed up in 3 simple words: Fresh. Local. Friendly.

"Kiju" is the Mi'kmaq word for “Mother”, a word that translates perfectly into any language.  Our menu offers something for everyone, including pub style classics, kid’s meals, and finer fare incorporating fresh ideas and local ingredients, all served with friendly Cape Breton hospitality.  A meal at Kiju’s Restaurant is an experience worth coming back for!  Kiju's Restaurant is located in the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre and attached to the Hampton Inn Sydney by a pedway. 


Membertou is a community held together by a shared heritage, a collective history and a pride of being Mi’kmaq. Throughout the history of our people we have never wavered from the important aspects of what makes our community great. We respect our elders, we encourage our children and we welcome our neighbors. We are a community within a community. In living this way, we have created a very strong community bond. Many Aboriginal nations are not located within a large city but rather kilometers away from the urban sprawl, therefore it is easy to keep their sense of community and not lose their cultural identity. Membertou however is located in the middle of the city of Sydney. This could have lead to many struggles; however Membertou has proven it is possible to progress while still staying true to culture and heritage.  

Whether you come to our community for work, love, school, or family they are all included in what we call home – Membertou.